Friday, November 27, 2009

Week's end recap: Thanksgiving edition

I've been thoroughly enjoying time with the family in South Carolina during the holiday. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'm still stuffed!

It's been nice to take a little break, despite the fact that I feel utterly disconnected in that I haven't been online or checking my e-mail non-stop, but every once in a while it's really refreshing to unplug. It's a little quieter here now that my brothers just left, leaving me free reign over the tv/remote control/computers. But of course I didn't get by without their latest enlightenment on all things techie: computers, software and some engineering lingo that was way over my head. But it was a full and bustling house, exactly what I love most. I'm so thankful to have an amazing family and friends to share the day with.

And in light of the holiday, this week's favorites:

Prior to my eight-hour long drive drive from D.C. to S.C., I of course stocked up on audiobooks. This was the perfect novel as I found myself en route back to the South. Set in Louisiana, it only made me more excited to be driving South-bound. And I'm so glad I got the audiobook, because the accents are spot-on.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a serious tradition in my book. I can't ever remember not tuning in and one day, hopefully I'll catch it in person.

And last but not least, Christmas music is now officially in full force. Enjoy!

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cathy_ms said...

I so enjoyed you coming. Miss you bunches. Thanks for doing the girly things with me this weekend.