Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mason jar mania

My good friend LW and I quite frequently discuss our favorite decorating ideas from across the World Wide Web. As two avid blogosphere addicts, we're always trading ideas and pretending like we can actually afford nicely decorated homes.

One idea that we always come across is incorporating mason jars in seasonal decor. And as two Southerners, born and raised, we're both fully appreciative of this sweet simplicity. No longer just elements of kitchen paraphernalia, they set a homey, rustic ambiance in an affordable way.

And as I come from a family of computer programmers, engineers and financial folk, I generally take it upon myself to provide the creative inspiration for holiday decorations when at home. This year, I'm hoping to scour around the house to find some jars for the centerpieces - wish me luck!

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DSS said...

What beautiful pictures! AND..what a clever idea :)