Thursday, November 12, 2009

A daydream in a cup

Last week I posted about my excitement over the Starbucks holiday cup debut 2009. But I didn't really get to fully enjoy my Starbucks till this week, when 2 gingerbread lattes later I actually stopped to inspect my festive cup o' joe. It was then I realized the words adorning the side of my oh-so-addictive morning beverage:
Apologies for the poor phone-quality picture

We invite you to listen to your desires
and to renew your hope.
To see the world not as it is,
but as it could be. Go ahead, WISH.
It's what makes the holidays the holidays.

I loved this inspirational note so much I found myself wishing that the cup wasn't milk-laden so I that I could keep it around throughout the season. I guess it struck me as particularly poignant becuase I never really think about the holiday season as a time of renewal. New Year's, sure, but the holidays, I've always set aside as more of a time of thanks and reflection rather than renewal. So as I read this, I felt once again inspired and refreshed. Perhaps it was the coffee kicking in, but I truly do think it's time to renew, refresh and rebuild. It's been a long and winding year, from graduation to moving to job hunting that some days I just find myself so completely overwhelmed. Despite my penchant for spontaneity, at heart I really am just a girl starving for stability. So this holiday season, I'm looking forward to refueling on hope and seeing the world (and my life) not as is, but as it can and will be. After all, it is the holiday season.

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