Saturday, August 8, 2009

La Vie Boheme

A couple weeks ago, my PR pal, LW, and I attended a networking event that joined our organization WWPR with the Wolf Trap Young Professional Society. As we were not completely familiar with Wolf Trap at that time, we got to learn a little about their society and mingle around for the evening. Low and behold, a few days later, LW received an email congratulating her on her winning 2 tickets to the opera! So of course, we jumped at the chance to become a little more cultured with free wine tasting and opera tickets. How could we resist?

So last night, we headed out to Wolf Trap for the event and I am so glad we went! The opera was Puccini's La Boheme and it was absolutely gorgeous. Luckily since La Boheme is the opera that the now-famous musical Rent was based on, we knew the plot line and didn't have to solely rely on the subtitles.

But only only was the opera itself breathtaking, the venue was so unique and fun! Wolf Trap is a national park that also is home to a huge, outdoor performing arts center. The building is almost like an amplitheater, but a little more upscale and really architecturally interesting. It was the coolest experience to watch an opera, live with an orchestra and full choir, outside! The stage was gorgeous but it was really neat to have the shroud of trees as a peripheral backdrop. To make the night even better, it was an especially fall-like weather, cool and with no humidity. Oh, I can't wait for the leaves to change.

You can also get lawn seats, this is at their 'holiday sing' event.

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Happy weekend!


C in VA said...

I love Wolf Trap! I have been to countless shows there. What a beautiful facility!

Delectable Swank said...

I love those pictures, I so want to go to the opera one of these days. It looks so gorgeous.