Sunday, August 2, 2009

City Saturdays

Yesterday was another perfect Saturday in the city. I'm finding out here in DC, more and more, that Theta truly is "for a lifetime." Forgive me if that sounds completely cheesy, but I've met more Theta alum in the area that I could have ever imagined. So yesterday, JB, a Theta sister from my own pledge class who recently moved up here with her bf, and I decided to attend the DC Theta Alum Brunch Bunch. It was so nice meeting Thetas of all different ages and walks of life - we're really excited to continue this tradition.

Last night, I finally got to meet up with my little, who's also interning in DC but heading back to UCF soon. We've both been so busy that we hardly see each other. So last night, we decided to cross something off both our lists by visiting the Kennedy Center.

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Every night, the Kennedy Center does a free, small performance on their Millennium Stage. Last night we headed up there with a few of her friends to catch a jazz band perform and discovered our new favorite DC sightseeing spot - the terrace rooftop. At the Kennedy Center, you can take the elevator up to the rooftop terrace and relax with a drink or just peruse around. Seriously, this is the best view of DC I've come across since I've been here. You can see all the monuments, Georgetown and the Potomac. It's so serene and gorgeous. It'd be the perfect spot for a wedding reception (if I was rich). I've decided that DC is one of the most romantic places in America - with all the culture, sights and sounds there's plenty of cute 'date night' activities and the atmosphere is just wonderful.

The jazz concert at Millennium Stage

The view of the monuments/national mall

My favorite bridge in DC

Georgetown and the Potomac River

Georgetown at sunset.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend as well!



Blackeyed_Susan said...

How fun! I want to visit D.C. soon, we were supposed to go for a fraternity formal, but had another formal that weekend in Mississippi:( I regret that we didn't go!

Jill said...

D.C. is such a great city. I'm sure all your weekends are filled with fun and new things to do.

Dmbosstone said...

I recently also made my first trip to the Kennedy Center but I didn't check out the roof- I gotta do that next time!

Katie said...

Hey thanks for the award! I added you under the "honest scrap" photo! your blog is fab!

Kate said...

This almost makes me miss DC but then I remember the humidity ;)

I love sitting outside at the Kennedy Center. It has some great views!

Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

Oh my - I live about 30 minutes outside DC...