Wednesday, August 26, 2009

City living

Despite the fact that I do frequently complain about it, I have to admit, I love the D.C. metro. Now don't let me get ahead of myself, I certainly don't love the delays and broken down trains, but there is something magical about living in such a bustling city. I just love the feeling of waking up and not knowing who you'll walk past, meet or sit next to.

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I think since starting my new internship, I've become even more enticed by the metro system. Possibly because our building is practically on top of the entrance so I don't have to walk far in this sweltering heat, but more so, I think it has to do with the little old man that gives out the free papers every morning when you exit/enter. I just adore him for his excitement for life. Rain or shine, he's always out there, with his Express in hand greeting you with a "Good Morning!" Many probably ignore him in their early morning, pre-coffee state, but it makes my day to greet him right back.

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Dmbosstone said...

I feel the same way, compared to the T in Boston- I love the DC Metro oh so much more. Biggest reason? It's open way later for those nights out on the weekends...