Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Needless to say (for those of you in the area) DC has been a bit rainy lately. I've found that being from Florida, DCer's generally assume that I find this rain completely astonishing. Frequently I get, "Oh you must never have seen rain like this before!" or "When it rains in DC, it rains bad." This has led me to believe that many Americans are quite misled by the Sunshine State's tricky nickname. Yes, in Florida it is very hot. Yes, we sometimes have wildfires. But trust me, I know a storm when I see one. Florida also (practically) happens to be hurricane capital of the world. Being trapped in my house with no electricity for days with 4 people + 4 pets made me quickly understand the Florida rainy season.

So, while it may not be Seattle, being a Floridian has given me some experience with rain. Just to put it out there.


sealaura said...

i was in the DC area a few years back and I do remember the rain, being from sunny soCal I remember similar comments but truthfully it barely rains here :( and I love it so. Enjoy those summer storms!

Brunch at Saks said...

Your blog is lovely! Hopefully the weather has cleared up now on the east coast :)