Friday, June 12, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

I'm so excited to receive my first ever blog award! The clever and hilarious, CBK at Plan Acourtingly nominated me with this:

It is my pleasure to pass on the love! I'm nominating a few of my favorite bloggers this week:

New to the blogosphere - Alyssa Marder @ Miss Marder in Charlotte
Fellow summer DC'er Ellyn Marder @ DC Transplant
Stationary Extraordinaire Ashley Brooke @ Ashley Brooke Designs
Dancing Diva @ The Pink Tutu
EHK @ Miss Monogram
Wearing Mascara
Chiconomics 101
Diamonds are Forever
Gramercy Gaslight Girl
High-Heeled Foot in the Door

And... that's all for now!

In other news, my birthday, yesterday, was absolutely delightful! Despite having to work, I had a relaxing day with my co-workers and then joined my lovely little, Lauren, for a D.C. dinner.

Cheers my dears!

1 comment:

R Leit said...

why thank you for the award nomination! ha :)

and i'm so thrilled you got to spend your bday with your little. i wish i could've been there to make the family complete!

oh & i love your new layout...beautiful! just like you, xo