Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another lovely weekend in the Mid-Atlantic

Today is some of the best weather I've experienced while being up here in DC. It's about 78 degrees outside right now and I'm sitting by the open window enjoying the cool morning air. I was up to an early start this morning, so I decided to grab a coffee and head out to one of the nearby parks to enjoy the trails. It was such a great way to wake up! I've decided that one of my favorite things about being in this area is how everyone is SO active and how they bring their dogs everywhere with them.

A couple weeks ago, the Today Show declared the D.C. area to be #1 among the nation's "Fittest Cities," and now I know why! Every day people are outside running, biking and enjoying the day. And most everyone has a pup, which if you know me, it's absolutely great!

Yesterday, I decided to head down to Mount Vernon, the home of good ol' George Washington. Luckily for me, it's only about 5 miles from where I'm staying! I hadn't been there in years, so it was really cool experience to explore the grounds a little more. It was so much more spacious than I remembered, with an absolutely beautiful view of the Potomac River.

This afternoon, I think I may take a trip into the city to the National Zoo! Should be fun.



Ellyn said...

I have to agree - the weather this weekend has be GORGEOUS! And I must say, I'm very intrigued by these parks and trails you're enjoying. My roommate and I were just talking about how we wish we knew of some place like that because today was just too nice to be spent inside.

sealaura said...

Sounds like a lovely sunday. I love your new header and font. Glad to hear you are settling in to DC, it is definitely one of my favorite cities.

The Pink Tutu said...

What great places you're visiting! Keep on living it up :)