Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only the mediocre are always at their best

I've recently become addicted to the New York Times column Corner Office, where each week Adam Bryant interviews top executives across all industries. A bit late, today I finally caught up on Sunday's column - an interview with the C.E.O. of Duke Energy, James Rogers. As a full-time working woman now (read: professional intern), I'm finally where I want to be, within reach of my career dreams and goals. But, now that I've made it to the threshold of my future I battle with the ways in which I can improve to make myself even more marketable as an employee (especially in this economy).

I look at the people around me and wonder how they handle all that's on their plates. How and when do you transition from day-to-day duties to strategy and planning? I used to envision a time or title or age when you crossed that line, but as Rogers points out, it's fundamentally important to our success to remain engaged in the daily activites of your company, clients and employees throughout your career.

Fortunately, I feel blessed that every day I wake up excited to go work, to be a part of an industry that I love, one that incites change, advocacy and awareness. But nonetheless, my fears of mediocrity push me more than anything else. Some days, it is exhausting trying out outrun the sound of settling (no pun intended). But I find it refreshing each week to read about the successes of these executives, as I store away their insights like intangible step stones to my future.

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