Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

It is officially, finally fall here in D.C. I've been looking forward to watching the leaves change pretty much since I moved here and this weekend, it seemed that overnight the city's trees became alive with color. I'm having to hold myself back from taking my camera everywhere with me and snapping shots of the fall foliage. Nothing says Florida freak/tourist like that right? But since I haven't truly experienced a real fall since we moved to Florida from North Carolina 10 years ago, I'm relishing in this breathtaking scenery.

Today, as the usual Sunday tradition goes, I trekked up to Eastern Market and returned with some delightful bounty. One of my favorite things about the market is the samples. You can go up and down the farmer's market aisles trying all different types of fresh fruits and vegetables and let me tell you, they're all amazing. This week I fell in love with the honeycrisp apples. Seriously, store-bought apples will never compare. And they're huge! I also returned with my weekly allotment of fresh flowers for the apartment. Aren't they gorgeous?

This picture might not do them justice, but they're the biggest apples I've ever seen!

And to make the weekend even more exciting, Rosalyn of Dooley and Me tagged me with an award! Thanks so much, Rosalyn! So here goes:

The rules: use only one word, pass along to six favorite bloggers, and tell 'em you did so.Take it away-

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your hair? curly
3. Your mother? inspirational
4. Your father? supportive
5. Your favorite food? everything!
6. Your dream last night? nada
7. Your favorite drink? coffee
8. Your dream/goal? job
9. What room are you in? living
10. Your hobby? reading
11. Your fear? mediocrity
12. Where do you want to be in six years? here?
13. Where were you last night? out
14. Something that you aren't? coordinated
15. Muffins? lemon poppyseed
16. Wish list item? bicycle
17. Where did you grow up? Florida
18. Last thing you did? dinner
19. What are you wearing? pjs
20. Your TV? HIMYM
21. Your pets? home
22. Friends? hilarious
23. Your life? busy
24. Your mood? tired
25. Missing someone? fam+bff
26. Vehicle? Honda
27. Something you're not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? J. Crew
29. Your favorite color? Green
30. When was the last time you laughed? minutes
31. Last time you cried? unsure
32. Your best friend? BMY
33. One place that I could go over and over? Eastern Market (haha)
34. One person who emails you regularly? roommate (again, haha)
35. Favorite place to eat? home


Miss Monogram said...

honeycrisp apples rock my world.

DSS said...

Flowers = BEAUTIFUL! AND those applies, wow :)

Thanks so much for the tag!!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Thanks for the tag girl!! Those flowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-I love! eastern market and always want to buy up a storm.

R Leit said...

ok, if I ever make it up there (which I really hope I do!!!) you'll have to take me to the sounds like fun!!