Monday, October 19, 2009

A weekend in review: cupcakes and ball games

Despite the dreary weather here in D.C., I had an extremely productive weekend. The rain and 40 degree weather made it a great time to play catch up on all things domestic - including taking time to try out the pumpkin cupcake recipe shared by KAG. I have to admit, they turned out very well!

Also this weekend, I spent some much needed time cleaning up all my social media outlets. Oddly enough, when I started this little blog here, I registered with my hotmail account. Not a good plan, friends. So, a year later, I finally figured out how to switch everything over, officially, to my gmail account, which makes my life a lot easier. But, this also means that I'm needing to spend time adding everyone's blogs to my other account, which is taking some time so bear with me.

Saturday evening I met up with the UCF alumni group here to watch the UCF vs. Miami game. Although we didn't win, I'm happy to say it wasn't a complete blowout. But it did make me nostalgic for the days of tailgating as I watched everyone's Facebook statuses as they headed to the game. As the favorite UCF adage goes, "We may not win 'em all, but we never loose a tailgate party."

Also, I found this cartoon this week in the Ft. Myers newspaper. So true. Oh, Florida, some days I really miss you.


Dmbosstone said...

You should use a blog reader like Google Reader to keep track of all your blogs.

DSS said...

Awesome cartoon! So very true :)AND...the cupcakes looking delish!

AMS said...

Oh, I'm a big google reader fan! I used it with my hotmail account too, but it just got too annoying to log in and out to check my actual gmail e-mail. hah