Sunday, July 12, 2009

The quiet things that no one knows

Today was quite simply a wonderful day. Nothing particularly groundbreaking happened, but it was just one of those great Sundays where everything was simple, quiet and relaxing. To start, I got free breakfast at Panera's, found my lost sunglasses and my favorite tweezers! How can a girl not be happy with that good fortune?

After my delightful morning, I headed to Reagan to pick up my boss from the airport and we spent the afternoon chatting and catching up. We decided to enjoy the lovely weather by heading over to the waterfront area with some dinner. We sat at the marina at Dyke Marsh Trail, one of my favorite areas in Alexandria, and just enjoyed the breeze. I poked around the trails afterward and even caught a few glimpses of bald eagles (again! yay).


I cannot wait to come back here in the fall, when the leaves are bright and colorful. It's going to be breathtaking!

PS - My uncle took my gma to swim with the dolphins this weekend, isn't she cute? Makes me miss good ol' Fla a bit.



Dmbosstone said...

The weather was certainly fantastic today.

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Haha! I cracked up when you said you found your favorite tweezers, I am forever losing my "favorite" tweezers and I seem to find them in the most random places, of course then I tweeze and lose them again... :P

RCaitlin said...

Free breakfast and finding lost things?? That is a wonderful day! I wish I had days like that more often :)

Wearing Mascara said...

Your gma is adorable!!!! Sunday was such a perfect day!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

so great! I wish I was on the beach right now!

sealaura said...

your gma is so adorable! hope you are having a good week :)