Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The fireworks have passed

I have to say, I think I had one of the best Fourth of July celebrations in a very long time this year! After celebrating at Harbor Fest on Friday, I celebrated Independence Day with Chris and his gf at a local park, Mount Trashmore. Trust me, the name was a bit of a concern to me too, especially after Chris told me that this park was a former trash heap (or something like that). But today it's just a huge hill, which turned out to be perfect for firework-viewing because not only did we get to see the fireworks display that the park put on, but we could also see the fireworks at VA Beach and the amplitheater over the treeline. It was gorgeous!

Sunday, I talked Chris into driving up to Williamsburg with me. I hadn't been to Colonial Williamsburg in forever (back when the parents made us take family pictures dressed up as colonial folk). So, despite the 66 degree weather and the rain, it was a really fun trip!

I think this is a good look for me, no?

The Colonial Capitol, where Patrick Henrey signed signed the Stamp Act.
We couldn't pass this opportunity up!

Now it's back to the grind and it's finally hitting me that I will not be returning to school in a month. I really am a graduate. No back-to-school shopping expiditions in my future this year! Sadness.

Happy post-holiday week lovies!


Kristen said...

oh how fun! I clicked on your blog from another :) Just wanted to say hi!

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Looks like fun! Never heard of Mount Trashmore! haha

RCaitlin said...

Ha I almost went to Williamsburg this past weekend. Glad you had fun. Great pics.

Miss Monogram said...

I'm going to miss back to school shopping too--if you come back, maybe we can go buy some school supplies just for the heck of it :)

sealaura said...

glad you had a nice holiday weeekend. I have not done the colonial tour but it sounds like a must do. have a great weekend!

elizabeth Langgle: said...

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) the children's book you suggested sounds great! i'll have to look for it next time i am at the library!