Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diamonds, Dresses and Dinners

Throughout this week, I came up with probably 10 interesting blog posts, but in the midst of my hectic week I lost them all, not having any time to spit down and post. I was practically living off coffee intravenously this week as we prepped to launch our new Web site at work. Goodness, what a task if you're doing that in-house!

But despite the busy workload, I still had time to enjoy a few great moments with friends in the city. Monday night, Tess and I ate at a Mediterranean Restaurant in D.C. that was absolutely to die for! I also got to see her cute new house in Cleveland Park, an area of the city that I adore for its cute homes and residential feel. Tuesday night was my first board meeting with WWPR as the Co-Marketing Communications Chair. The ladies in this group are so wonderful and I can't wait to get involved even more. Wednesday night, I finally had the opportunity to catch The Proposal with some girls in the office around the corner. I love the rom-com movie genre, so I thought this was just too cute!

Today, I finally made it to see the rest of the Smithsonian museums. They just seem to get better and better, I would never be able to choose a favorite. Since moving to D.C., I'd only been to the Air & Space Museum, which I thought was going to be the best by far. But oh no, they get even more interesting. Today, I toured the Freer Gallery of Art, Natural History Museum and the American History Museum.

The National History Museum is absolutely amazing and huge! Literally, you can find everything from elephant skeletons to emeralds in this place. My favorite areas were the butterfly gardens and the gem stone section (featuring the gorgeous Hope Diamond). The American History Museum was amazing as well, but unfortunately my tired feet were done after the second floor. I had really come for the First Ladies exhibit and after waiting in line for about 30 minutes I decided to call it a day when I was done. But at least I have the third floor to call me back for a returned visit soon (thank goodness these museums are free).

Here are some of my favorite moments from today's adventures:

The dinos in the Natural History Museum

The Hope Diamond
sorry for the bad iPhone picture quality

The gems

The dresses of America's First Ladies
American History Museum

Hope everyone is having a great weekend as well!



Mary-Laure said...

Tell us more about the Smithsonian museums...

Dmbosstone said...

American History Museum is pretty cool- I'm not much of a fan of the Natural History Museum.

If you are still trying to hit up the touristy things in DC: you can get tickets for the Washington Monument ahead of time online now (beats getting up early and waiting for them) but you can also try The Old Post Office Tower as well.

jlmargs said...

Great blog! Right now I am still in the "job search" phase but planning on moving the minute I get the thumbs up. Will definitely keep in touch. Were you familiar with the are at all before you moved?