Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh the pages are a turnin'

Much to my delight, earlier this summer, the always lovely and witty CPK hosted a book swap. Now as an avid reader, a self proclaimed bookworm if you will, I of course had to jump on this opportunity asap. Paired with CPK herself, the wise woman sent over a memoir by Amy Cohen, The Late Bloomer's Revolution. The girl must be able to read my mind, because I could not put this book down! It was so endearing, funny and realistic at the same time that I nearly wanted to stay on the metro every day after work just to continue reading.

So, if you have not picked up this one yet, run off to your nearest Barnes & Noble or library and get your copy now! I guarantee you'll enjoy it too.

Anyone have any other great summer reads that I should add to my list?

Happy reading my dears!

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sarah said...

I love : special topics in calamity physics!

Weird title and took me a few pages to really get into it but it's now one of my FAVOURITE books! It's so smart!