Thursday, April 30, 2009

The gift of sisterhood

Sunday was my last chapter as an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In staying with tradition of Eta Theta, we each give our senior "will" to the chapter. I thought I'd share mine and thank Eta Theta for all of the wonderful memories.

I grew up in a typical Southern family – one where everyone is Greek. Parents, godparents, grandparents, you name it. But, like the typical 18-year-old, when I headed off to college, I wanted nothing to do with what my parents thought would be best for me. Despite the fact that I grew up with my mom’s sorority symbolism pervading our home, I was convinced that I wouldn’t fit in with modern Greek life. Eventually, my parents let it go and I went on my way.

However, Greek life called to me, as my family knew it would. And so sophomore year, there I was. When I opened my bid card to see Theta I was so relieved. From there on out it was the single best decision I ever made. Theta has given me a bond that I never thought possible, to so many beautiful women. It has opened my eyes to finding the metaphors and symbolism in everyday life and most of all it has allowed me to help carry on a tradition, hundreds of years old, while still leaving my own legacy.

Now, as I look back at these years spent in Theta I cherish the moments that allowed me to become a part of this wonderful sisterhood. Our sisterhood is a unique and precious entity. It is one that values individuals for being themselves, allowing our diversity to compliment each other. Yet, the most prolific aspect of our sisterhood is that we continue to represent the ritual that was established over a century ago. It is a privilege for me to wear our letters, ones with deeper meaning that still holds true. I hope for each of us that this meaning will be forever engraved in ours hearts and minds, that we will each continue to uphold the promises we made to Theta far beyond our college years. It has been a privilege to be a part of Eta Theta and to be a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta. Forever I will carry the memories I have made with me and remember our true worth and merit.

In typical fashion of a senior will, I have a few thoughts to leave behind.

To Charisse & KB – I leave you my faith. Because you both have seen me at my rawest and most vulnerable and continue to love me no matter what.

To the 09 officers – I leave with you my hope. My hope that you will continue to take this chapter to new heights, but also my hope that you will continue to instill in our newest sisters to come the beliefs and values that come with Eta Theta.

And to our chapter as a whole – I leave with you my love. You each mean so much to me.


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beauuuuutiful!!! this is so special!!

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