Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Print love: California street maps

I've shared my love for maps a time or two here, a penchant I think stems from the fact that I've moved about seven times and probably also from my innate need to compensate for my lack of directional sense. But all digressing aside, I was excited to stumble on some cool prints featured on La Belle Vie's Tumblr account a few days ago. The California collection from Pink Bathtub Designs is fun and cute, and if I had actually ever been to California, I would probably snatch these up in a heartbeat. But since I've yet to make it out to the West Coast, I'm hoping that a Florida or DC line will be in the works soon.



AllyRae said...

I'm moving to Los Angeles (from FLORIDA!) in two weeks so I'm thinking I might have to snatch these up :)

Kate said...

These are absolutely PERFECT for my new apartment! Thanks for the tip!