Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bookshelf Lust

As I posted earlier my love for the Tumblr site BookshelfPorn, I was thrilled to see the lovely review of the blog in the New Yorker yesterday. Not surprisingly, the site's creator, Anthony Dever shares my hesitation over the Kindle.

My friend Meg and I, who recently started our own book club--Books and Brunch--have come to the conclusion that given the scenario, we would much rather take the library from Beauty and the Beast over the closet in Sex & the City. Although, don't get me wrong, I'd take more closet space any day of the week.

Here are some more lovely images from from Dever's blog; what I would give to be curled up here with a cup of coffee and a book on this rainy day. Definitely hop on over to read the review.


“Looking at bookshelves represents the collective feelings of enjoyment that comes from reading books. Plus I love seeing the creative, charming, and interesting ways that people from around the world integrate bookshelves into their homes. People just have this affection and dedication for featuring their books.”

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