Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow days

This weekend, D.C. again experienced snowmaggedon (part deux). With more than two feet of snow predicted, the roomie and I headed over to her bf's house to snow ourselves in for the weekend. Between Friday and Saturday, the D.C. metro area received about 32 inches worth of snow!

As last year I was in Tampa during the SuperBowl, watching the game take place in my home state again I realized how surreal it is to be in a completely different area a year later. While my best friends texted me from their waterfront, warm homes, I watched nearly three feet of snow surround my new home. It's really amazing how much changes in a year.

But, as usual, we made the most of the snow, building igloos, snow forts and drinking lots of hot chocolate.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

1 comment:

Loving Life in Southern California! said...

sometimes I really miss the snow, but not the cold! Great photos! Cute blog! following you now!