Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Do

I quite frequently wonder if I'm missing the bridal gene. I'm not going to lie, I've never honestly been one of those girls who has their entire wedding planned out. I'd be perfectly happy with something extremely small, but exceptionally romantic (pending that I actually get married before my social security kicks in).

So, when my roommate suggested making a drinking game out of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, I knew I was in good company.

Here's how it goes:

1 drink: when the gay guy lisps
1 drink: when the gay guy mentions his need for an applemartini
1 drink: when anyone stays something completely stereotypical
1 drink: when the mom loves the dress
2 drinks: when the bride cries after she puts a dress on

Ok, so that's all we've decided so far. But we're putting our pumpkin ale to good use.

And don't worry, it's only a 30-minute show.


DSS said...

love, love, love this post! i too am not a "wedding planner", but i adore this show. however, sometimes it does drag a bit. what a clever idea!!!

i hope you don't mind if i steal it :)

Kate said...

I haven't planned my wedding either. I only recently decided it will have to be nautical. That's all I have thought about so far.

What a fun drinking game! My friends and I like to drink during old episodes of Dawson's and Felicity

Blackeyed_Susan said...

Too funny!

MLD said...

LOVE this idea as well as that show! I admit I am one of those girls that has the wedding already fantasized in my head... with room for some changes though!