Monday, August 9, 2010

Tourist in residence...

This past weekend, with my dad in town, I got the chance to play tour guide and show off my city, one of my favorite things to do. Living in DC, there are so many things to do and see, that I’m always adding activities to my never-ending bucket list. With visitors, I always warn them to bring their walking shoes, because I’m all for maximizing time in the city and usually drag everyone around excitedly pointing out my favorite DC spots, leaving us all utterly exhausted by the time the weekend’s over.

And this weekend was no different. Saturday, we ventured up to the National Arboretum, which I’ll definitely be heading back to in the spring when everything’s in bloom again. We also walked all the way there from Union Station, through scenic Northeast DC (cue sarcasm), which, if you’re familiar with DC at all, was quite the hike and left me feeling a bit like Annie Oakley. But it was a beautiful once we arrived.

Sunday was the highlight of the visit, for me. Having lived in DC for more than a year, I’ve been dying to go to the Newseum—in short, DC’s museum of media. Given that I’m the in the public relations industry and a self-proclaimed media junkie, I knew I’d love this place, but I didn’t realize how much I would. It’s without a doubt one of my favorite places in DC now. Not only are the exhibits so interesting, but the view of DC is to die for. Walking through the exhibit, I kept thinking back to my favorite book when I was kid, “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,” where two kids run away and spend the night in the MET. Seriously, friends, if I could move in I would. While I didn’t get to see everything, my favorite exhibits were, of course, the homage to 9/11 and the Pulitzer Prize winning photography from the last 50 years (some of these images are so searing and haunting, it’s crazy to think how quickly the moment might’ve passed by in reality). Walter Iooss, one of Sports Illustrated’s, most famous photographers also had an awesome exhibit, which I think is only there temporarily, so you should catch it while you can.

Until I upload my own, here are a few cool shots of the Newseum:

The building itself, awesome. Via Freedom Forum.

A giant quote of the First Amendment on the outside of the museum. Via Architecture Buzz!

The view of the Capitol from inside. Via Missouri School of Journalism.
The rooftop view, breathtaking. Via

If I ever get married, it might just have to be here, how amazing is the rooftop view of the Capitol?

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MLD said...

The Newseum is definitely one of my favorite spots in DC! My mom, dad, sister, and I went earlier this summer. The view is absolutely wonderful!